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Solar Panel - 175 Watt

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1324mmL x 676mmW x 35mmH.

Charge your batteries using the power of the sun from a  energy source which is free, renewable, non-polluting allowing you the freedom to camp anywhere. No hassles finding electricity to hook up to.

  • High efficiency monocrystalline solar cells.
  • Anodised aluminium frame, tempered glass, EVA and TPT to provide support and protection from the severest environmental conditions.
  • Suitable for on/off grid system application.
  • Nominal 12VCD output.
  • Connection: 0.9M (2.5mm) cable with MC4 connector.
  • Module efficiency up to 16% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Excellent performance under low light conditions.
  • Overall Dimensions 1324L x 676mmW x 35mmH
  • Maximum Power (W) 175
  • Tolerance (%) 3
  • Maximum Power Voltage (V) 18.7
  • Maximum Power Current (A) 9.36
  • Open Circuit Voltage (V) 23.5
  • Short circuit Current(A) 9.95