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Solar Controller 30 Amp

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12/24 Volt with LCD display.

The Sky Dream Series is a newly designed PWM solar controller. Its specialty lies in the inner 32 bits CPU, which enables the controller to work faster and more stable. It can be applied in the solar system which has higher standard over the stability and reliability. Easy to operate LCD display this unit gives you total control over battery charging,  power usage as well as protecting your batteries for longevity. 

  • 32 bits CPU, sampling precision is higher, operation speed is faster.
  • 12V/24V DC Automatic identify system voltage.
  • LCD displaying and double button operation of man-machine interface.
  • Charging programs can be set for seal, gel and open type of storage battery. 
  • Max 16mm2 Connector Terminal
  • Accurate temperature compensation, it can automatically accommodate the charging voltage according to the environmental temperature, optimizing for long battery life.
  • Patented large-diameter with 25mm2, red and black connector distinguish positive and negative pole avoiding wrong operation.
  • USB 5V 1A  output
  • Size 200mm×98mm×47.5mm